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SPRING - is the season everybody is longing for after a cold and dark winter. For no matter what. As soon as the sun shines warmer and the first flowers blossom we immediately feel better ;)

• Botanical Garden Muenster

  • BotanischerGarten2015_04
  • BotanischerGarten2015_05
  • BotanischerGarten2015_06
  • BotanischerGarten2015_07
  • BotanischerGarten2015_08

• Lake Garkoschke Peitz

Seems like we skipped the winter that year and jumped from autumn straight ahead to spring, or even summer? 20°C in the first week of March ;)

  • Peitz3-2014_02
  • Peitz3-2014_03
  • Peitz3-2014_04
  • Peitz3-2014_09
  • Peitz3-2014_11