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WINTER - is an ambivalent matter to me. I love the winter season when it looks like on the photos below: icy cold, tons of crunching snow, sun and a blue sky :)

Unfortunately winter in our latitude mostly appears to be wet and cold, a sky with heavy dark grey clouds, rainy, hardly any lights, and not so often snow. That’s the way I truly hate winter. So I better stay with the beautiful side of it ;) 

Peitz  February/March 2018

After the second wave of frostiness the lake was finally frozen, completely, with a thick layer so that we could dance on it ;)

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Peitz  2016

The only "winter" I was able to experience this year was a half day of snow I could catch 20 minutes from, 600km eastwards at my family's place on March 1.

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Fen   Palace Garden