Dajana Winkel


Outside my work as a mechanical engineer in power stations, I’m a music addicted, music journalist & concert photographer, and chief editor of Nocturnal Hall Magazine. I usually photograph bands and musicians at concerts and festivals, do tour and studio reports as well as promotion shootings. But I also love to photograph all kind of art projects. I’m never afraid to try something new and to challenge myself. In addition, I love to travel and to hike, love the stars and the universe, Astronomy & Astrophysics, of course, all combined with my passion for photography, if possible.

I already contributed photos (and texts) to many print and online publications, to various companies and organizations, to many bands for their CD/vinyl/DVD releases, to labels and promotion agencies, as well as to festivals and art book releases.

I am also a photographer for stillborn childs (preemies and babies who die suddenly during or shortly after birth). This is a voluntary service, absoluetly free for the parents. It is the first and the last photo, a memory and a gift to the parents, who have to cope with an immense loss.

© photo by Bjørn Fehl & Bjørn Fehl Photography